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We have made a quick video tour of the Church so you can see what it is like inside. 

If you do not live in the area, the video is a way you can visit without having to travel, even it is safe to open the building to the visitors. We will also update with an "after" video so that you can see the changes we will make.

Click on the video to watch it.

Church Information Pack


On this page you can download a pdf version of the information pack with plans of St Marks Church which you can see below. It also has photographs of areas of interest and heritage assets within the church including tiles, stonework, terracotta ceramic sculptures, stained glass windows, textiles, old furniture and memorials to people who have died. This should give you a feel for the church and its assets whilst we are unable to go there in person.

Along the top of the information pack on this page, there are some controls. On the right is an arrow pointing down. Click on this to download the pdf onto your computer or device.

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