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Fun activities

Have some family fun being creative and learn about local history together at home. You can download and print out the Under One Roof family colour in and activity sheets for children by clicking on the images below.​​

Imagination Workout Printable Worksheet.
Five Ways to.jpg
Screenshot 2021-02-08 at 14.52.10.png
The Story of You Activity Printable Work
Colorful Self-Portrait Activity Printabl
Rainbow colour sheet.png

Imagination workout. Imagine what each line can be then finish the drawings yourself

The story of you. You can write or draw your story. Where were you born? What makes you happy?

Five ways to spread kindness in your community. In each stripe of the rainbow write a different way you could spread kindness in your community.

Who Am I? Use the space to draw a self-portrait and colour it in.

Potteries puzzles. Follow the maze to help the narrow boat get to the roundhouse cottage. Find the Potteries Slang words in the wordsearch. Colour in the Clarice Cliff coffee pot, cup and candle and create your own cup design.

Rainbow. Colour in your rainbow of hope to put in your window.

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