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Get involved & take part

We are so happy you are interested in taking part in Under One Roof. There are so many ways for you to join in. Your support will help to strengthen the project and you will be a valuable part of the community.

Girl with Camera
Family Photos in B&W
Friends Talking
Classmates in Library

Get involved with our
Photo Challenges

Under One Roof has two photo challenges that you can join in with.

You do not have to be a professional photographer to take part, you just need a device with a camera and be keen to join in.

Find out about the photo challenges here

Share your St Mark's photos, stories and objects

Your stories of St Marks and Shelton from past and present are very important.

Can you see the Church from where you live or work? What does the Church mean to you?

Were you baptised or married at St Mark’s Church? Have you got any family history connections?Did you go to Sunday school?

Have you ever visited for a special service or funeral? If you would like to share any stories, memories, photographs or objects linked to St Mark's community please let us know.

Share your story with us at

Phone Lynne on 0751 881 3131

Talk about our project

We believe the best way for our project to be a success is for us all to get talking and sharing!

This is one of the easiest ways to help out and to take part. our cause.

Please share our website and social media. Pass on the information and resources you find.
You can get in touch with any questions and tell us what you know about St Mark's and the Shelton community.

Under One Roof is about all of us in our communities, the histories we have and what we have in common. The project is about a place for us to share our local heritage and making plans for the future together.

Follow Under One Roof on facebook, @underoneroofpr1 on twitter and Instagram.

Email us at

Phone Lynne on 0751 881 3131

Join the
Friends of St Mark’s

The Friends of St Mark’s group was set up to support the project.

The Friends are helping write the funding application.

The group is made up of members of the PCC, local residents and other people who have an interest in St Mark’s and want to help with the project and plan the future. The Friends meet monthly and have enjoyed several speakers and been involved in planning and training.

Please contact Lynne Ball if you would like more information about the Friends or would like to join.


Phone: Lynne on 0751 881 3131

Name our Gargoyle






If you are out in Shelton on your daily walk, see if you can find this gargoyle on St Mark’s Church.

Send in your name for this gargoyle. The best name will get an Easter Egg*! 

Contact us with your idea for the Gargoyle’s name on social media or by email.

St Mark's Gargoyle








The Small Stories in Every Day Things is episode 2 of the Under One Roof podcast series. Gabriella Gay talks about the poems she has written for items on sale at the Hanley car boot sale.

Find an old object in your house or one that reminds you of your heritage, family or traditions. Take a photo of the object. Write a short poem to go with the object. Share your poem and photo with us on facebook Under One Roof, twitter or Instagram @underoneroofpr1 #U1RPhotoPoem or email it to us

A Young Woman Writing

Share your ideas

Plans for activities include more of what we have done so far and

- Community Night Walks

- Pottery activities

- Heritage talks

- Exhibitions

- Community events with music and food from different cultures

- Tours of St Mark’s Church

- Big celebration event

What to do you think about the plans?

What else would you like to do Under One Roof to learn about local history, share your heritage stories and plan for the future of St Mark’s and your community?

What would stop you taking part?

Share your ideas with @underoneroofpr1 on twitter and Instagram.

Email us at

Phone Lynne on 0751 881 3131

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